Core Values


Teaching God’s word: This is our first confession : the Bible is God’s word. The Bible is our primary text and final authority for our faith and practice. We believe it is through the Bible’s message we come to know God and grow in him. We desire to faithfully teach the Bible in all settings and groups in the church.

Team Ministry: We are committed to team ministry throughout all ministries in the church. We believe all Christians have been blessed with certain gifts and are most effective when given the opportunity to use their gifts as the Holy Spirit sees fit, for the benefit of the whole Body. Additionally, we believe that team ministry provides accountability to the individual ministries vision, as well as to the overall vision of the church.  Therefore, we believe team ministry is God’s best plan for experiencing the widest expression of the gifts He has entrusted to His Body. For that reason we strive for a team mentality throughout all ministries at Redemption Hill.

Community: Our emphasis on community is two-fold: first, our community with each other. We desire close intimate relationships within the church and believe the best ministry is body ministry. Therefore, we greatly emphasize fellowship through personal outreach as well as our community group settings. Additionally, since we believe the whole body of Christ is essential to the earthly mission of the church, we strive, when possible, to work with other Christian churches who share our vision for Utah Valley. Secondly, we desire to be a blessing to the community around us. Therefore, we look for opportunities to support our city and county in ways that will make the love and hospitality of Christ known to all.

Openness and Honesty: We realize that all people are engaged in a struggle in this life. Our goal is to make Redemption Hill Church a place where people can be honest about their struggles and genuine in giving and receiving Biblical challenge, help and encouragement.